Saturday, November 03, 2007

A view from the Basement.

The finding at the recent trial would appear to have generated further media vitriol at the incumbent Commissioner.

As the person keen on the notion of the brand TEAM MET he finds himself in that unfortunate position of Team manager.That following adverse results he has the the 'open' support of the Board. But for how long?

Some of the media footage has been quite personal such as the Daily Mails 'a man without honour' front page.

I find it wryly amusing that there are politicians calling for his resignation.
A breed who have to be prized away like a clam when their Departments are found at fault.
The media play on this 'Crisis of confidence'. Certainly internally I do not know of any officer who believes that the Commissioner is lacking integrity or is dragging the service down in that respect.
Realistically at my level in the organisation it does not matter who is at the head of the Table. It does not affect my daily work.The tide of the MET may rise and fall but I know I am still going to be in the rock pool at low tide and getting on with my job and scratching a living.

We are in a world were someone,ultimately has to be blamed.The Commissioner is at that level were Politics take over.He must surely know the risks playing at that altitude.
The smart money seems to be awaiting the report from the PCC(I have dropped the word Independent as I believe that it might contravene some form of Descriptions Act)
A severe thumbs down might just make that 'wall of support' wither away.

That's Politics.

The decision in this Trial brought under Health and Safety Regs has major ramifications on all Emergency Services and how they deal with incidents.
There will be a cascading down of Standard Operating Procedures,checklists etc.. This ultimately will be a musical chairs as to who takes the blame when the music stops.

Tragically we have Fire fighters losing their lives dealing with major fires,we have officers mowed down by vehicles attempting to make arrests.
Are we to be subject to Health and safety 'inquests' at the highest level in months to come when that gorged corpulent beast of Hindsight blusters into the court arena

Despite all this,I know the Emergency Services at front line level will still turn up and get on with the job despite the Politics at the top.

We make it work.


Blogger thinblueline said...

because the public needs us to .

4:08 AM  
Blogger Whichendbites said...

We do exactly that, often without concern for our own safety.

Has the music stopped yet or has someone just turned down the sound ?

9:43 AM  

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