Monday, October 08, 2007

Shift then drift.

I would like to say that my larger than normal breaks from posting recently are due to my engaging in the saving of the habitat of the Leatherneck turtle or fronting out some loggers somewhere at a patch of virgin rain forest.
However in my patch of the Metropolis my small team of Customer focused operatives have inadvertently tapped into a seam of weariness and time to sit and muse has been tight.
It is a matter of police fact that in every nick there is always the grief team. You walk in some mornings and wince when you hear what they dealt with on the previous shift.It always seems to be them.

I feared recently that there had been a wind change and it had drifted in our direction but now think that was a blip on the grief Radar.
However, the garlands,incense and offerings currently around my computer screen will remain for the time being.

I have noticed that I have drifted into the 60's in my posts.

I started, like many others,inspired by the one and only Coppersblog.
DC has now come out of the shadows and shown his true identity.

Like everyone I had my own image of DC.

I imagined him in his thirties/forties.He once made reference in a post to a chat he had with some 'yoot' He said it was like a conversation between John Le Mesurier and Snoop Doggy Dog.That image stuck since and DC, god bless him was a lot younger than I had in mind when I saw his photo.

He has set a ball rolling and long may it do so.

I Blog and hope to continue to Blog as a means of just getting things of my chest. As I have said before it is a Cyberspace moon to howl at.

Premiership Blogs like DC's, Bloggsy and Gadget have or are moving into print.
Good luck to them.

For the record its not that I lack ambition myself. In fact I have negotiated a column with the Old Curmudgeons (a lesser known North London League Team) on their fortnightly News sheet.

OK, the deal includes washing the away kit every other week but you have got to start somewhere.


Blogger Annette said...

It's funny how you imagine people without even seeing them isn't it?
It's the same when you answer the phone.

It's like these blog sites I imagine you all sat at home on your computers, uniform on, handcuffs ready, taser guns pointed at someone or something........

Funny isn't it?

5:08 AM  
Blogger Officer Dibble said...


No.I can confirm that the only item I have with me at the computer is a cold beer.

And no uniform, just ordinary clothes... except for the third Friday in the month when....

7:15 PM  

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