Friday, September 21, 2007

Justice PLC..its all about product placement.

I noticed this article in one of the London Free papers over a pint.The BEEB also carries a piece on it.Fortunately the BEEB didnt hold a phone in on it as the Editor might have called it 'New key worker flats unveiled'

I can understand, perhaps,the thinking behind it.But it is at best naive.
Naive to believe that those who carry weapons such as guns and knives with intent to maim and kill will be unduly worried by a transparent cell placed in a High Street.

Why? Firstly because the likelihood of them reaching that point is one that will have been hinted, cajoled and threatened by the System without ever occurring. When that 'Custodial Sentence' does utter from the Judges lips it ends up being so watered down by the System and they serve little time behind bars anyway.

What is different inside for them? They spend most of their day in bed. They get three squares and basic health care courtesy of the State and are allowed to mix with those of a similar mindset They know that there is a more than a reasonable end in sight.

I would like a series of advertisements,backed up by the law, along the lines of 'Before and After'. Pictures at the Gate of HMP as you enter and then as you leave......20 years later!

No Tags,No Community Service,No leniency for guilty plea...just straight time.

A few through the system under that regime will do more than any glorified Perspex boxes dotted around 'Hotspots'


Blogger Big Fella in Blue said...

At training school I had to learn all the offences and the terms of imprisonment that go with them. That was useful.......

I agree with you and the prison should be a proper prison - no PS2s just chain gangs and shotguns. You try to escape or riot - you might get shot. Human Rights goes out of the window when youre an offender, I'm not talking about torture - (actually paedophiles and rapists should have their nads cut off) Im just talking about a hard service so that you dont want to go back.

AND all these unemployed find a job in 3mths or - go into the armed services for two years.

Can I order a spine for the Home Office and the Courts/CPS please

6:20 PM  
Blogger Officer Dibble said...

Big Fella,

I too was once impressed by what the law said about maximum sentencing.

One of the biggest sleight of hands in the Judicial system is the notion of Consecutive and Concurrent sentencing.

Concurrent sentencing is that sentences run alongside of each other.

Consecutively means that they run one after the other.

I have sat at the back of the court and listened to the Judge solemnly intone.
'You are sentenced to 2 years for.. 2 years for.., 2 years for..,18 months for..."

Consecutively means they are looking at 7 and a half years..

Concurrently means they will see 2 years Max...(less with remission and/or time on remand etc..)

A joke.But only the suspect is laughing

Its usually Concurrently these days.

As for a spine for the Home Office /CPS.

You know any ordering process in this system would take years to come to fruition and would invariably lead to delivery of a poorer product at twice the cost.

2:34 PM  
Blogger sam said...

And how much overtime did that monstrosity cost?!

8:00 AM  

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