Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It must be us then.

I read this article the other day and despite every intention of ignoring it for the nonsense that it is, I had to comment.

What is the Archbish on?

This 'lets raise the age of Criminal Responsibility' pops up every now and then and thankfully has been ignored.
Basically as I read would appear to be our fault for arresting them and putting them in the system, thereby criminalising them.

It's not their fault!

If we left them alone they would revert to be polite, well mannered, respectful little citizens and a blessing to the society that surrounds them.


They know exactly what they are doing. The difference between right and wrong is not Rocket Science. They choose to ignore it.
OK you can say poor parenting, lack of cohesive family life, exposure to violent imagery be it music or video, general lack of values in me.. not good enough.

We need sanctions.I know that sanctions are laughable for juveniles and it can be a merry go round of this that and the other.For a juvenile to be placed in some form of proper Custodial is only at the end of a track history that would make your eyes water.

So to raise the age of Criminal Responsibility to say 14 or 16.. Will it make Society a safer place?.....will it ****!

I know as Law enforcement our hands are tied in dealing with our misunderstood youth but at least we can actively deal with them and get them in the system.

Being a fully paid up,card carrying cynic does this argument have any benefits for Government. They have naturally distanced themselves from these comments.

But...juveniles are responsible for a good chunk of countable Recorded Crime.... if you raise the bar at which they are allowed to affect the Figures...?

Surely not.


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