Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Apparently I've signed up.

Did I miss a weary FED E mail circulation or some form of mass meeting?
I heard this afternoon that the Fed have tied us into a 3 year pay deal.
The last harrumphing from the Surbiton warriors was about going to Europe to argue and enshrine our 'right to strike' A very expensive and long winded exercise which the majority of police officers,including myself,would not take up any way.

The next thing I know, it seems the Fed is rolling on its back and getting its tummy tickled and saying we have got the best Public sector agreement to date.With real inflation running at over 5% I suggest the Fed do the Maths...

And then J.Smith come out with 'I have the highest regard for the police and the tireless work they do to protect and serve the public," I gagged over my post shift pint of Guinness.Wasn't the Fed calling for her resignation this year?

This 'best deal' confirms to me the FED are an utter and complete waste of space as a Representative body. Can I re-negotiate my subscriptions just to cover the legal stuff if the police/public interface gets too weary?


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