Saturday, October 04, 2008

A brave new world.

I noticed a snippet in the freebie METRO newspaper on the way to work yesterday.
Apparently a Health and Safety officer with Lancashire Constabulary has taken umbrage with the wording on police Bravery awards.They believe there are health and safety fears that it may encourage others to take risks. The wording reads 'with no thought to his or her safety' but wants it to read 'fully recognising the risks to their own safety'

Mmmm...thinking back if I ever sat down and thought about what I had got myself involved in over the years and all possible consequences I would have even less hair than I have now.But half the fun was getting stuck in and getting out the other side in one piece.That was the result.

If this mentality takes hold the next awards ceremony for Lancs finest could prove a very controlled affair.

The scene is set...

Lancs SMT would take to the stage(which of course would have been checked for height from the ground,ramp availability and lighting)

"Thank you all for coming here today to honour these officers.... but before I continue I must remind you that the fire exits are to the left and rear and assembly is in the car park opposite.There will be a buffet after this but I would remind all that unless you specified any allergies in the five page pro-forma document that came with the invitation we can take no responsibility for adverse reactions. Anyway to begin we have...

Naturally there would have been a half day rehearsal to cover any eventualities in the short walk to the 'shake and greet'.
Instructions would have been given to no more than a brief handshake with the CC(to avoid any chance of repetitive strain injury)

The Certificates might read afterwards....'acceptance of this medal indemnifies Lancashire Constabulary from any post traumatic incidents and complications through injuries or injuries resulting from any subsequent actions as the holder has clearly demonstrated a preference to get involved in incidents which may or may not have been risk assessed'


Blogger Stressed Out Cop said...

Nice One - All of that should have been in their risk assessment - and don't forget the other forms too re indemnity - just in case !!

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Anonymous Anonymous said... it.

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