Saturday, February 17, 2007

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The MET are currently floating the idea of 'Refer a friend'.

Its purpose is very target and recruit experienced PC's,PS's,DC's and DS's from other forces.
The sweetener is that those who do successfully get someone to sign up get themselves £200.
This does raise the ante a little when compared to the usual 'Parker pen, M and S vouchers or a moody electronic Personal Organiser'.

Will it succeed in its aim?

The MET have been looking to actively recruit from other Forces for some time.
All Forces look to supplement establishments by recruiting elsewhere as it is naturally cost effective to have trained,experienced officers pitch up rather than have to start from scratch with a recruit.

This £200 'bounty' seems like a little step up in activity however.

I believe the Met have had some success with previous campaigns but this suggests numbers are tailing off and they have probably already hoovered up the majority of restless souls in the Home Counties.

If this fails what next?

To try and maintain numbers are we to see undercover teams,like modern day Press Gangs infiltrating Job 'drink ups' throughout the South,plying the unsuspecting with Rum and whispering in their ear about the merits of life within the Met?

Imagine the scene..the unsuspecting targets waking up the next day with a sore head and thinking 'that was a session and a half'... and then wondering why a Welcome pack arrives on the doormat shortly afterwards with an invitation to parade at Peckham, a fortnight Monday at 10 am.


Anonymous Andy said...

It's interesting that the Met then look wide-eyed and innocent and wonder why the other Police services don't like them...much like the way Ameicans look sometimes.

I also find it interesting that the Met are actively recruiting in this manner ... but not recruiting any new PCs. They appear to be perfectly happy to let someone else pay for the expense of recruitment and training. Is this just cynical of them, or a clever way to reduce their costs?

12:28 AM  
Blogger BigFellainBlue said...

Clever way to cover costs of recruiting and training, we lost a few to the mighty MET but have gained some as well. The lads we gained have been a cracking asset and dont take any sh1t from the locals its nice to see the big f off pill being served by a cockney accent!

3:23 PM  
Blogger Officer Dibble said...

All Forces look to recruit elsewhere but the Met does have a large appetite to feed and seems to be refining its approach!

I bet the atmosphere is a bit frosty over the tea and sandwiches at the ACPO meetings when the subject of Recruitment and Retainment comes up.

5:40 PM  
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