Thursday, February 08, 2007

Technophobe moan.

I find myself 'bounced' into New Blogger.

For some time now I have ignored Googles attempts to seduce me into the all new 'bells and whistles' New Blogger. Having taken some time to get my head around the Old Blogger I felt this needed a graded approach.
Google have obviously become bored with the likes of me and any attempts over the last day or two to log on just feed me to the new version and I have now switched.

They assured me that things will look the same and so far they have.

I am not one for sudden change. I recall when they changed the paper Crime Reports over to the early versions of the Cris system back in the 90's. I was dragged from the writing room flailing Holy water about and screaming 'Its the work of the Devil' .

In my defence I had just come off a particularly weary set of nights

I will look upon this as a time to sort my Blog out particularly the comments section, E mail and Links.

So for instance if you do click on something later and you end up at the home page of the Kyrgyztan Energy Ministry then I will apologise now and go back to HTML Tutorial 4.


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