Saturday, January 06, 2007

You're either in or your out

Prison Chief Phil Wheatley admits he doesn't really know who is currently 'at large' from the fluffier ends of our custodial system. A 'database' is being developed...though if any database system developed by the Home office is being finalised I recommend that the 'lags at large' relax for a few years before awaiting a knock at the door.

Considering myself 'Teco' material I recommend that resources be applied to the Derbyshire Constabulary. Apparently those wanted are at a fair chance of anonymity.
CC Mr Coleman worries about releasing images of those on the run.

Those over the 'apparently non- existing' wall can rest safe in their particular pit as Derbyshires public are reduced to looking for blanked out silhouettes or images with black bars across the mouth and eyes.

2007 does not start well.


Blogger BigFellainBlue said...

What a stupid thing to say I cannot post the pictures as it affects the human rights of the prisoners! Yes Sir, Prisoners at LARGE for serious offences who have been convicted at court and therefore guilty of the offences. Stuff the human rights what about the next person who crosses them and gets stabbed what about Human Rights then?? It doesnt go against any Data Protection rule in my book. No wonder we have got crims commiting crime when they should be banged up(lucky to get them there in the first place), we have open prisons they can walk out of and when they escape the Chief doesnt want to violate their rights.
HOME OFFICE and ACPO sort this shambles out.

Saw you post a comment on another blog and this is a subject which really gets my goat. Just added your link to mine.

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