Friday, December 08, 2006

Lets bin it.

Well that's it... the Runes are cast... the crystal ball read.. the tea leaves examined....

The High Altar worshipped by Senior ranks and the Home office...STATS figures...has decreed that basically Amnesties don't work. They basically have NO effect on the levels of crime.
The figures relate to Knife crime but could be easily applied to the Gun Amnesties that occur during the year.
These Amnesties are typical of the High profile/Low impact initiatives that rollout from above now and again.
Those who carry guns and knives with intent to commit crime and injure do not attend police stations and put them in the green wheely bin outside or wait patiently for the Station officer to book them in and do the paperwork

The very fact that someone even bothers to do that just sets them apart from the underclass who carry these articles as a badge of pride.

So Uncle Teds old service revolver found in the attic or that moody touristy type dagger given as a present by Auntie Joan after her trip to India.. now safely in the hands of the Met..means nothing to what actually matters.Keeping members of the public safe on the streets.
Basically all I can see us achieving during the weeks that these operations run is that we are nothing more than a depository for scrap metal.

We might as well go the whole hog and place a few extra bins outside for cardboard, plastic bottles and used household batteries.

In fact this may attract the interest of those in Government as it would appear to be going ever so Green..
The Met is making a big play at the moment with a number of articles on our internal Net system regarding being more Eco friendly and various initiatives have been discussed.

This does amuse me when I consider the sheer volume of paper, for instance, we either waste or use during an enquiry.
I can only wonder if there are members of some indigenous tribe somewhere sitting in a newly deforested glade thinking to themselves 'well at least the Met are organising a car share data base.


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