Friday, November 17, 2006

Er..Sarge can I have a word..?

It would appear that a briefcase containing 'fake bombs' has been left inadvertently on a train by a City of London police officer. They were part of a presentation designed to inform the public about terrorist methods ( this presentation now seems to include an ad hoc piece on unattended packages)

To dispel any conspiracy theories re 'stolen to order'
1.They are fake and therefore of no real danger to the public.
2.Terrorists know how to make real bombs so a case full of fakes is not really much use to them.

To look on the positive side, we are always extolling the travelling public to be on the lookout for unattended items on our transport system. It would seem some individual has taken it one step further and gone beyond telling a member of staff and/or police and taken the item to a place of safety themselves.. (likely after checking it for a laptop, cash, cards, mobile phone and then dumping it)

A spokesman on the internal enquiry said that changes had been made to minimise the risks of similar incidents.
This will likely take the form of a half day course on 'keeping your briefcase with you'

'We take incidents of this nature very seriously' said the spokes man.. as compared to the usual reports of lost specs, umbrellas and false teeth.

I have some sympathy for the officer concerned. I once, some time ago, lost an ESD whilst on a tour of duty.The grief and paperwork involved in that were bad enough... this is probably a tad stickier...


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