Monday, November 13, 2006

There's panic on the Bridge

There would appear to some some consternation amongst those chosen to steer the good ship Britain.
They are getting very indignant about the team investigating the 'readies for robes' saga.
The enquiry led by Met AC John Yates have been talking to those from the engine room upwards.
Apparently a 'senior' No 10 official said ' we are extremely angry at the way the police are behaving. We thought the enquiry would be over quickly'.
For that I can only read ' here's a brush... there's the carpet.... get on with it'
It would also appear that they are upset about apparent 'leaks' to the press allegedly attributed to police sources.They even accuse the police of 'smearing' them by this method.
This can only be the supreme irony of an administration routinely dealing in such 'arts'.
I am sure that the enquiry will continue to its conclusion.
However,what happens to the file (like any other) after it is handed to the CPS is another matter


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