Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sorry seems to be the hardest word....

Apologies Sir Elton but the Home Secretary seems to have taken your words to heart.

State opening of Parliament and the usual rehash/ reheat/retread of Bills ( some of which will never see the light of day...or in some unrecognizable form).

I went through the summary of points on the BBC website and much of it seems like stuff the Queen has turned out over the last few years

The spin from the Mail is that the Home Secretary is considering a number of 'low level offences' ..this use of low level is actually what much of the tax paying public have to put up with (such as petty theft and crime dam etc) such that offenders could be dealt with by a 'supervised 'sorry' from the offender to victim..

Details are sketchy as yet but this sounds much like a 'fast track' version of the assorted 'Restorative justice' programmes dotted about today...

'Sorry' is a word we use so least those of us who have moved beyond a baleful glare and/or an indistinct grunt.
I am not a particularly religious fact the last time I said 'Oh my god' was when stores at my nick E mailed me my latest property list.....however..

True probably only best reserved for that time when you face your particular God when asked about your life..

My view is that this has possibilities but only if 'sorry' from the accused goes beyond an embarrassed, smirking, shuffle facing the victim.

How about they walk up and down the High Street with boards over their shoulders front and back for a couple of hours..
They might bear the words....'Sorry... I really am obnoxious with a foul mouth..its nothing to do with my Attention Deficit Disorder'.. or 'Sorry... I am a little thief.Its nothing to do with poverty or drugs its just that I have no respect for other peoples property'

Ok.. these might have a larger than average board than the usual 'Pizza.. 200 yards. All you can eat' or 'Joes Golf Shop next corner... 20% discount but ...heh... thats justice..


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