Saturday, November 25, 2006

In God we trust... and that E mail.

People unfortunately become victims of crime for a variety of reasons. They may have worked hard and bought items which others (lacking a work ethic) decide they want. They may be targeted because they are vulnerable... or it could be a case of wrong place wrong time.
However there are those who become victims because of basic greed and stupidity.

For instance I answered the phone in the station recently...

"Is that the Police station?"
"Yes it is"
"Can I ask some advice?"
"I have just received a letter saying I have won $200000 in the Swiss Lottery"
"Ok... and for these glad tidings what are you expected to do?"
"I am to send my account details on and they will credit my account with the cash"
"Just rip it up and put it in the bin its a con"
" Are you sure... its a very official looking letter?"
"Ok...have you ever been to Switzerland?"
"Er.. no"
" Have you ever bought a ticket marked Swiss Lottery?"
" Not that I can recall... but I do enter a lot of competitions"
"Trust me its a standard scam.. a lot of these are based in West Africa"
"But the letter is from a Sam Johnson... and isn't that a bit racist officer?"
"Unless the renowned poet and diarist has reincarnated and has turned to crime I suggest its an Alias"
"Eh..? "
"...and I dont intend to be racist but those I have looked at have ended up at a Po Box somewhere in that part of the Continent"
"So you think its not genuine?"
"Yes .. just get rid of it"
"What are the police doing about it?"
"Giving you personal advice over the phone"
"But its a lot of money.. say if its true?"
"It isn't sir.. just remember that old tried and trusted maxim. If its too good to be true.. it probably is.. good day to you.."
As I put the phone down I just knew he was going to do it anyway.

So in a weeks time he will be causing some Station officer somewhere to shake his head in disbelief as he tells his tale of woe regarding his account being cleared out.
You can only do so much.


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