Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Here we go again.

The High Court has just had several days submissions regarding challenges to decisions by the DPP to
1. Take a decision not to prosecute any police officers for murder, manslaughter or any other offences and
2. The recommendation that the IPCC should not disclose the contents and conclusions of the Stockwell enquiry until the Health and Safety prosecution is concluded.

Personally I think it unbelievable that you can even consider the actions of the officers on that day to be Murder/Manslaughter. To me that is equating the actions of those officers as those of the individuals who took the life of Pc Beshenivsky in Bradford last year.

The deliberations of the DPP are,I believe, correct..ultimately it was a tragic accident driven by a totally unknown, unforeseen background of events.

'Representatives' for the De Menezes family disagree.. and as ever there are suggestions of a police 'cover up'

The challenge is led by Mike Mansfield QC, eminent barrister and Champion of the carefully chosen cause. He has nailed his flag to the mast of this particular issue.

Lets hope the High Court kick this one into touch. This hopefully will deter those who want to seize this tragic event and whittle a large stick to beat the officers who, again, find themselves out there... real time ..... having to make on the spot decisions.


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