Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Glamour... Ha Ha...

Having spent my entire day trying to get somewhere on just two of the assorted Crimes on my joblist.. I have to reiterate....Sexy ..this job aint!

Those who regularly dip into police blogs will be aware of this frequent refrain by posters.

There are jobs that have been sitting there for so long, looking at me, when I log on at the start of my shift that I feel I should bring them home and introduce them to the wife.
I spend my days sifting through genuine victims, those who are victims by basic stupidity and those who basically can't cope and have to ask police to sort their life out for them.

I then find myself trying to get to the suspects amongst the 'bad and the mad' ( sorry.... those who are products of an uncaring society and those with mental health issues)
I have never dealt with a job which could, in any real sense, be deemed 'glamourous'

I read with some envy of the team tasked to investigating the tragic circumstances behind the Litvinenko case. Trips to Moscow...steely eyed politics with the authorities...shadowy intrigue... warnings of 'Honey pot' traps arranged by female agents in clandestine bars and restaurants....

I spent my day cursing the office printer and hovering by the Fax machine.The only time I managed to get out of the office was for a morning snack in the local cafe.

To paraphrase the Ian Dury song......

My Daily life is just ...'Tecs and Thugs and Fried egg roll'


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