Saturday, December 16, 2006

Porridge or Suffrage?

Apparently, as a result of a decision by the European Court of Human Rights, the Government are discussing giving certain categories of prisoner the right to Vote. The ECHR had decided that a 'blanket ban' on all prisoners is illegal.
This has led to various sides of the political divide to huff and puff on the issue.

Realistically does it matter?

I suppose, not unreasonably, the argument would be that as convicted prisoners by breaking the accepted rules within a democratic society they have chosen to 'disenfranchise' themselves as 'Citizens' until their time is spent.

Frankly I doubt whether the majority of HMP guests have ever bothered to put themselves on or try to maintain their entries on an Electoral register. Or if they were able to vote that they bothered to make the effort to turn up at a polling station at election time.They may have visited the school or other Government building, but only after dark with a van waiting.

I cant see the lags sitting in Wandsworth or Brixton pacing the cells at the thought of missing the opportunity to put the X on a voting slip.
More likely they are working out whether the Home Office have ballsed up and kept them in too long and there may be a bit of 'compo' coming.

If/when it comes in I assume it will be some form of postal arrangement and not an away day trip to the local polling booth.....

Though in this day and age nothing would surprise me.


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