Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Flannel Bore

I was wandering through the canteen today and noticed Sky News showing some form of demonstration overseas. At one point they were burning something.
For once it didnt seem to be an American or British Flag.

I asked what this was about.I was told it was about Big Brother. My attention captured I watched the item as I was informed that the 'household' had been embroiled in allegations of Racism.

From what I can gather the 'racism' is more just stupid, ill thought comments of some inmates towards another.

The viewing public views this little TV microcosm and it becomes its own little Society. Its inmates chose to be there so it loses any 'trueness' but the nonsense they come out with is the nonsense that people do come out with in the wide world.
So perceived slights become issues and issues become insults and insults become Crime reports.

That the Prime Minister can, apparently, be deflecting questions on this at PM Question time, by 'bandwagon jumpers' tells me as much about our Society as this programme does.

What next? Are we to see Noel Edmonds dragged before a Commons Select committee because 'Deal or No Deal' only has boxes of a certain colour and someone somewhere has drummed up a campaign asking for some Diversity?

Hell in a basket?........... Now arriving Platform 4.


Blogger Annette said...

have you seen pylo ank's comment on B.B.? (phill)
He has done a good blog about it.

6:16 AM  
Blogger Officer Dibble said...

Sorry cant seem to find a Pylo Ank.
Can you give me a Blog address?

4:45 PM  
Blogger PCFrankyFact said...

Good blog dibble.
Consider yourself linked.
This is the second time I've heard pylo ank so I searched and found it on google.
I'm off to have a butchers meself.

5:17 AM  

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