Thursday, January 11, 2007

I am in there...somewhere.

It looks like the MET is in for another spell of Diversity monitoring.

Next month we are invited to inform those that care as to our sexual orientation and faith/belief.

This is to cover the two outstanding Strands of Diversity
There are six in total.

I wont bother to go through them as I am sure they are available on a web page or stairwell poster near you now.
I also wont mention them as they basically (despite all the E mails) will have no impact on the way I approach my job...
...unless of course I am going for a Board or promotion, in which case I will tell anyone who is prepared to listen that they fill my every, waking hour.

These mini surveys irritate me.They crop up on most forms you have to process via HR.
They are particularly annoying as they never seem to have a tag saying 'Mind your own business' on the drop down menu.

However I may look favourably on this invitation.

Firstly, it may give me a warm glow as I think that my little contribution is helping to keep an entire Department... somewhere... in work.
Secondly, I wonder how the relevant Diversity unit and Stats keepers can develop a Positive Action strategy or identify areas for further engagement to deal with ....say...
a Transgender 'curious' who worships the Sun god RA.

I know I will have hit all the right buttons somewhere if a pamphlet appears in a few months, covering these topics, tucked into the ever expanding rack in the front office.


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