Monday, January 29, 2007

A traditional British invention


We as British Citizens are apparently known for our patience, adaptability and tolerance

Our tolerance is frequently tested these days but by and large we adapt and overcome.
The British acceptance of queueing is a manifestation of this ( ingrained from war time austerity..blah blah..blah)

We accept queues and waiting lists in our stride.
Lets face it, if you deal with a body be it NHS, Tax office, Education Authority or indeed a Police front office.... 9am onwards... and there was no queue and the person behind the desk said immediately 'Can I help... yes I can deal with you now ' There are some including myself who might think that I wandered into an alternative universe.

This idea of queueing has apparently found itself into suggestions for waiting lists for jail places.
A Judge or Bench could look sternly at the accused and say 'you are going to serve a certain term which will start.........'when a place becomes available.'
Likely to bring a smile to those in the dock.. but what happens when his time is getting near to the front of that queue.

Would this lead to situation where knowing at some point they will end up inside, queues are likely to form at the more relaxed regimes if places are rumoured to become available.

I considered that the plot was reported LOST at the Home Office some time ago.

I now wonder whether it is now buried beneath a Patio somewhere in the Whitehall area.


Blogger Annette said...

yes your right,the british doesn't mind queueing.
I work in a supermarket and you'll be surprised how patient people are.
If I have a really long queue, at christmas time for example, I do try to make it light hearted and have a joke with my queue.
We just except it as we know no other way.

6:29 AM  
Blogger Officer Dibble said...


Unfortunately in this day and age I think queues for any service are likely to be the norm...large supply.

I have to admit, by and large, Supermarket staff (certainly in my area) do have a good way with customers.
Its likely your attitude keeps them patient!

5:14 PM  
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