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Before I ramble on have a read of.......
this item
I know that we don't get a full background to events but this officer seems to have been nailed to the wall by the system.
The officer had attended an incident and made an arrest.On leading him to the van the prisoner made off and on being found hiding in a doorway the officer aimed a kick at the male as he feared he may be reaching for something in his sock.

The male had no injury from the kick and yet the officer finds himself 'gripping the rail'

The judges decision is strange in that even whilst commenting in his summing up that....'he was dealing with a man of violence with blood on his clothes and Pc Turner genuinely feared that in the circumstances he might have some form of weapon on his person' and yet finds him guilty of excessive force.
This officer remains suspended with his life/career in the balance.

This item to me sums up how hamstrung we are as Police officers.Or more to the point how hamstrung we have been allowed to become by the Political elite.

We are expected to pitch up at incidents and deal with violent individuals more often fuelled by drink/drugs who have little or no respect for authority who do not live or act by any reasonable rules.Yet our actions are apparently prescribed by 'protocols' whilst we strive to restore order and stay in one piece.

Other bloggers have made a point regarding arming the police.
Pc Southwest brings up in a recent post the incident on the recent Crimewatch in which a chasing van crew had to endure being approached by two males with sawn offs. He is very true in saying that they would have not have been so cocky if they knew that the crew had a couple of Glocks to hand.

Personally I am not comfortable with the notion of carrying a handgun on my hip on a full time basis.In my particular case, having had some small arms training,I am more likely to hit someone by running up and clubbing them over the head with it.

The issue with Tazers have also been mooted in Blogs recently.
I believe they are a way forward in certain circumstances.
The effectiveness of a Tazer can be seen in a Big Fella blog dated 25th Jan.
Again however,I doubt we have the political will (be it Government or Senior ranks) to bring in widespread issue.

Another sore point is that whatever the Home office issue us with there will always be some 'pressure group' bleating about it.

Some huffed and puffed over the issue of CS/Pepper spray.

If they issued us with two foot Ken Dodd tickling sticks,there would be some group somewhere quoting stats that there would be a 1:100000 chance of someone suffering anaphylactic shock from the feathers.

To regain control of the streets we need a major overhaul of our approach to the way we deal with incidents,rules of engagement etc.
A need to be more robust and less apologetic for instance.I am not advocating throwing away checks and balances on Police actions.

However the article at the top of this post tells me that we have completely lost our way.


Anonymous Grace said...

I think it's absolutely shocking how little in reality the Police have to protect themselves & colleagues, it seems, especially recently that crims, even ordinary run of the mill ones, are not bothered about attacking the Police in the slightest, the more serious armed & hardened crims are even less bothered, as shown by the Crimewatch clip mentioned. I watched that & it made my blood run cold, the fact that both my brother & partner are in the job makes stuff like that really hit home. The liberal human rights groups etc have absolutely no right to say that arming Police with Tasers/Handguns is out of order, it will get to the point where there will be no other option unfortunately. People do get warned before a Taser/Handgun is released, the Police do not go round merrily shocking/shooting people (much as I bet they'd like to!) but if that warning is not taken notice of then people have only themselves to blame, it is actions & consequences & it is a shame that certain parts of society are becoming less & less answerable to those consequences.
On a related matter, I was emailed this link by a friend & found it to be extremely interesting & quite upsetting in places, but it does show how quickly things can flip & how unfortunately a situation can develop & things go beyond your control.

Excellent blog though, been reading for a while so keep it up! sorry if the comment has rambled slightly but I can be forgiven as I am rather tired & it is late! ;o)

4:38 PM  
Blogger Officer Dibble said...

Thanks for your comments.
I dont think you are rambling as you've probably summed up what I was trying to say better than I did in my post!
I have read the link and it is indeed sobering how events on an ordinary tour of duty can eventually turn out.

4:53 PM  
Blogger Annette said...

I think it is a disgusting result.

12:57 AM  
Blogger SergeantSays said...

What the hell? Surely a kick is a lesser use of force than a made offensive weapon (i.e. baton) or a prohibited weapon (CS)!!!! Absolutely ridiculous. Put that judge in that situation and he'd probably do the same. Actually, he wouldn't because he'd have run off in the opposite bleeding direction

12:25 PM  
Blogger Noddy said...

My first observation has to be... who defended this cop?

Secondly, who explained Force Continuum to the judge?

In general, I question a number of issues in the report, but as always caution myself given that I don't have the full facts.

The cop appears to have been utterly honest and transparent in his operational statement about what happened and gets no 'support' for so being.

From the report a number of glaring points jump out at me.

He was alone and thus uncorroborated, as was the crim.

Was he worried there was 3rd party evidence, i.e a mop watching, CCTV that was on, good quality and pointing the right way and thus unable to say, "What me? The scrote is lying. Never touched him." After all there were no injuries. Sounds like he was too honest for his own good. Not that I condone excess force etc. as it just drags you down to THEIR level.

On a purely practical point, the cop says he had his handcuffs out (sounds like they should have been out earlier) and in the split second it takes to make a judgement on whether a weapon is about to emerge, it is testing dexterity to dispose of them to grasp your hasp or CS.

Did anyone consider the threat perception properly and the adrenalin rush the cop would inevitably have i.e. red mist. It doesn't excuse, but is NATURAL. It wasn't as if he went over the top by kicking him in the crown jewels or repeatedly. I thought one distraction technique was quite restrained given what he was potentially confronted with.

I hope his force take a sensible pill and that the local Federation look into his case.

3:09 AM  
Anonymous James said...

This sounds like a perverse decision to me, though I'm acutely aware that I've not got all the facts, but I shudder at the thought of what might happen if the tabloids get their way and the police get carte blanche to do what they like. A middle way must be found, because both extremes mean lives lost and lives ruined.

1:51 PM  
Blogger Officer Dibble said...

I can only agree with the comments posted

I think this decision needs to be sent back to the Court for review.

This is a strange decision based on the facts given.

I hope his Force are supportive and I would sincerely hope the Federation are all over this particular case because this is the sort of job I want to see my Fed fees supporting.

As police officers we have to held accountable for actions in enforcing our role.

But this accountability seems to stop at our end of the spectrum.

6:20 PM  
Anonymous Grace said...

How on earth can the courts justify suspending this officer? One less Policeman, but thats ok as crime is sooo much lower & we should all be happily skipping through life with not a care in the world! Words fail me, they really do. On one hand it's said that 'Excessive force was used' & on the other 'No injury was suffered'
Excessive force but no injury, hmmmm, something of a contradiction I would have said. Maybe the PC concerened should think about using a pink feather duster in future, as that will show them who's boss! Best make sure its done in an open space though, just in case it causes the poor little love to sneeze & bang his head on the nearest solid object, how terrible that would be!
Im now going to go & take a few deep breaths & calm down! lol

7:01 AM  
Blogger unlikely cop said...

I can't quite believe a kick which, by the scrotes admission, caused no injury, is more excessive than a baton strike.
I would love for the magistrate to spend a couple of days out with me and my mates. Don't worry your Worship, I'll make sure you get a vest and a yellow coat so you will be nice and safe and if it gets out of hand just tell them to stop. I am sure they will listen to you. After all you have the force of law on your side, don't you???

2:20 AM  
Anonymous Sanchez said...

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