Thursday, February 22, 2007

Oh my Early Turn blues

I was wandering through the office clutching my first cup of tea of the day when I was summonsed by the boss to attend his office.

I was informed that Senior Management had received a letter from a member of the local 'community' and had requested that I look at this matter again. I was handed a docket.
My heart sank.I hadn't even logged on for the day and grief had landed on my lap.
As soon as the words 'Senior Management and 'member of the local community' are put in the same sentence I knew I was in for one of those shifts.

As I went to my desk and opened up the mind started to drift.
I began to get nostalgic. One of my all time favourite Cop shows had recently come to an end. NYPD Blue with the great Dennis Franz as Detective Sipowicz. I had followed the adventures of the 15th Precinct since they came to TV in the Nineties.

The life in the 15th appealed to me so much.
Everything that came through that door was quality Crime....serious stuff... the sort I joined the job to deal with.
Not once did I see the 15th team deal with a pony Threats to Kill or a moody Harassment job.
Witnesses and suspects were always traceable and available.

There was always a room available when victims/witnesses turned up.

If you had a suspect you could have a 'chat' and leave him in the company of the italian looking bloke or the bald black guy who were always there to keep an eye on your prisoner whilst you made enquiries.

Everything was done by phone.DNA,Prints and mobile phone enquiries all came back within a tour of duty.I never saw any member of the 15th use a fax or kick a printer in exasperation.
The Duty prosecutor was always available for advice and even turned up at the station to speak with you.

Yeah..... I know....its a made for TV fiction.But a man can dream.

I started to flick through the docket and began to remember the job. I thought I had put it to bed some months ago.

My victim a 'leading figure'(his words) within this community had complained to police about another person in the same circles. After I had chipped away at the surrounding background and petty grievances I reached my conclusions.
Very politely I explained to the informant that a belief that 'merely looking at someone in a 'bad way' when you cross paths' does not tick any boxes in terms of either Common or Statute Law. My informant did not seem to agree but I held my ground and thought that that was the end of the matter.

Clearly not and this eventual aggrieved letter to my SMT had naturally cascaded downwards.

I started to drift off again to the 15th Precinct

Sipowicz in the last couple of episodes had made Squad leader.
In the last ever episode he followed his instincts and stuck with a job and backed his men all the way. This is despite the Chief of Detectives,in no uncertain terms berating him.He held his ground and emerged the moral victor.

I have been a fan of Dennis Franz since Hill Street Blues.As I recall in the last ever episode of that, as the character Lt Norman Buntz, he chins the smug, self serving Chief on live TV.

That's what I really need.Some form of SMT who will look at a job and say, despite the aggrieved's protests... 'sorry this is nonsense don't bother us'.

But that would require a decision. So why not 'cascade' it back to the lap of the poor sod who signed for the job in the first place.

Apparently my informant has 'further information'. Perhaps my suspect has cleared his throat in an 'aggressive manner'.

I take a large slurp of my tea .. reach for the phone..'Ding Ding'.. Round 2.

In relation to actions by Lt Norman Buntz

1.This blog does NOT advocate junior ranks resorting to violence against members of ACPO
2. The use of the words 'smug and self serving' do not NECESSARILY reflect the Blogs authors opinions as to serving/retired members of that organisation.


Blogger PCFrankyFact said...

In all my years I've never dealt with a pony threats to kill.
A talking horse?
Now there's summink you don't see every day.

5:32 AM  
Blogger Noddy said...

Red Rum?

6:01 AM  
Blogger Officer Dibble said...

Perhaps I should have redirected him to the CID Mane office.

3:30 PM  
Blogger blueknight said...

So why not 'cascade' it back to the lap of the poor sod who signed for the job in the first place.
You should know by now, the sh*t always rolls downhill and we live in the valley...

5:20 PM  
Anonymous MetPlod said...

I belive that in 'nu-management' speak, you cascade things down, but you flag them up......

12:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had the temerity to take the side of some kids playing football outside the house of local "grumpy old man". 10-15 of them from about 6 to 16 years actually playing, no swearing, looking out for the little ones, having fun with various adults sitting watching.

I got letters and emails from various internal and external seniors following the disgusted reaction of the 2 households that were bothered by it and spent the next month explaining my inaction. The thing that piddled me off the most was that they only had to read the log to see that the kids were playing with a beach ball.... maybe these have hidden dangers to which the rest of us are unaware.

3:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:25 PM  
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