Friday, April 20, 2007

Take me to your Leader

For some reason I was thinking today what would happen if I was sat in the office and a Ray gun toting Alien appeared and said those immortal words 'Take me to your leader'.. What would I do?

Would I look at the three suckered tentacles twitching around the weapon and think..

Could be time to announce a 'Met-wide Ray gun amnesty'?

Would I be even more forward looking and talk and suggest he might enjoy working for one of the largest employers in London?
You cant trump being behind an application from someone outside the Solar system on your latest PDR.

Back to the question.. Take me to your leader..

Police now have Line Managers previously known as Sergeants and Inspectors.
Most want to lead and the majority still do.. but those above want them to 'manage'.
You don't manage people through difficult situations and lead.

So do I set my sights further up the system.

My Borough boss leads with Stats blazing.I tend to switch off after line two of the E mail.

Lets not bother with the ranks in between.

ACPO. The Association of Chief Police Officers.

I have to stress this is a personal opinion but they do not fill me with confidence.
For instance the latest from the CC of Merseyside

So we have an idea that I cant see being workable. You are going to threaten victims of gun Crime(who have reasonable cause to fear the gunman rather than the mighty sword of the UK Judicial system)
What are you going to do? Threaten them with non-existent Jail places for failing to divulge the person who tried to shoot them or others in the first place.

A bizarre idea and not even original as he quotes previous Australian legislation.

Sergeants Says examines the latest utterances from ACPO on his post

Back to the original question...What would I do...?

I would try the usual. 'Listen fella put that down, we will walk over the road and I'll have a word in your Bugle like..'


Blogger Noddy said...

There's some advice here.

7:55 AM  
Blogger Officer Dibble said...


Thanks for the link.I'll add it to my Microsoft 'favourites' in work just in case!

Taylor and Boan obviously wouldnt rate my idea of a mini inter- Galactic beer session in the local over the road.

12:48 PM  

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