Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Teflon shoulder moment?


Commander Broadhurst appears to suggest that the problems associated with the G20 were down to lack of training of the officers involved.

The bulk of officers dealing with G20 where indeed,what is called, Level 2 public order trained.They are Borough officers who volunteer to undertake this duty above and beyond their normal duties. This invariably means a work/home environment where you do not know in advance for any period whether you will be able to have a day off on their rostered rest day.

The fact that they get a chance to train and keep their public order ticket twice a year in training is a policy in place for some years now. Why has this issue of lack of training become an issue now? Or is the whole media driven furore getting to senior ranks?

The plethora of public order that occurs over the year in the MET is covered by Level 2 officers. The Tamils in Parliament square is such an ongoing event now.

He offers words like 'admiring restraint' 'superb performance.. blah' but also uses words such as 'fear might drive inappropriate behaviour' and 'areas of concern which are rightly being investigated'

He talks of 'softer' crowd control options and lack of 'communication' with the 'crowd'

I am getting feelings of 'its down to the actions of junior officers on the ground'

The Met had loads of flak a few years ago, when there was issue over the Met seizing flags when the Chinese president? came over. Junior ranks got the blame.

Like the Level 1 and 2 on that day gave a s**t whether the protesters were carrying flags or not!

This G20 was dealt with by way of tactics dictated from above and planned before hand. Tactics implemented by the loyal officers on the ground.

There is a 'rowing for shore' about this article which worries me.


Blogger Blue Eyes said...

That is what I thought as well when I read that comment by Mr Broadhurst. The tactical options must have been discussed in advance and on the day they would have been authorised at the highest levels.

It is one thing to blame the individual "bad" things on individual officers but to blame "training" is poor. I wouldn't be surprised if he isn't just angling for more cash for his empire.

Isn't he the guy who said a few months ago that we should expect a summer of discontent?

1:19 AM  
Blogger Officer Dibble said...

Blue Eyes

Interesting point.

An early bid, up front, so when the cash squeeze comes in (as it invariably will) he can argue 'see what happens if....'

Or he is just, verbally, stepping on to more secure ground and letting slip the mooring rope to the good ship G20....'


4:34 PM  
Anonymous Sean said...

this post features in the blogpick on


9:03 AM  
Blogger Officer Dibble said...

Thanks for that.

The Times!..well I never...!

1:04 PM  

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