Friday, April 17, 2009


Skimming through blogs and news sites this evening I realised that PC Gary Toms has died from his injuries following the incident on the 11th in East London.

I had Sky news on in the background TV whilst surfing. I had been bored senseless and occasionally infuriated with the lurid account's of police brutality at the G20.It occupied large chunks of their regular 15 minute news 'updates'

Whilst I was writing this, the presenter mentioned Gary's death.I think the slot lasted 15 seconds...if that.

Says it all.

THIS side of the fence we know what matters.

Thoughts to Gary's family, friends and colleagues.


Blogger Stressed Out Cop said...

Indeed thoughts with all that knew him. RIP Gary - Brings it home and it hurts.

3:40 PM  
Anonymous Inspector Leviathan said...

A brave officer has gone, forgotten by the media and the public, but never by his colleagues. How must his family feel to see so much media sympathy go to "innocent" demonstrators who have been brutally assaulted by unprofessional, thuggish police officers at G20?

If you want to be really angered by media response, please refer to the link below.

4:03 PM  
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