Sunday, March 22, 2009

Views and issues.

Another post driven by thoughts kicking around my head and also discussed and outlined eloquently on the sites of 200 and Pc Pinkstone.

The alleged 'outing' and subsequent sacking of PC Bettley

The whole saga dates back to a time when ACPO (plc) decided that,in a grand political gesture that any serving member of the police service, if found to be a member of the BNP would be dismissed.

I was never entirely sure of the legality of this posturing at the time as the BNP (despite whatever you may think of their views) are a legitimate non proscribed political party.

My opinion is this.If you took the stance that individuals are to be dismissed by being members of legitimate political parties then you must include association with Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem etc..

Not,apparently a stance taken from ACPO. What do you think the reaction from ACPO or the assorted Professional Standards Departments would be if serving officers were found to be badge wearing, placard waving, Labour party?...........tumbleweed I expect.

There is no suggestion that Pc Bettley EVER in his career made decisions in his role as constable which were biased against those of different race, religion or treated people differently because of this.

His mere association with one particular political group has ended his career

I fully understand Pc Pinkstones bemusement as to why the BPA ( Black Police Officers Association) and the local advisory group were consulted throughout this...Why?

This is an internal disciplinary enquiry involving what would appear to be a straight forward breach of an ACPO (plc) directive.Why have a deep seated and ongoing discussion with the onlookers?

Meanwhile back at the Holiday Express Inn in
Chingford a bunch of smug, self promoting, zealots are discussing in an open forum the legitimacy of stoning to death Homosexuals.

Any strident harrumphing from ACPO (plc) regarding such opinions? A determination to knock on the door of this meeting and call time or challenge debate?


The best we can do is 'If someone makes a complaint we will look into it'

Even if someone complains, by the time the hurriedly convened GOLD community cohesive discussion group has formed and has reached out to all perceived interest groups the room will have been let to next weeks Rotary group meeting.

This is not some form of apologist rant for the Far Right but if we are to avoid society seriously dividing across issues we have to be seen to be level and fair across the board.

If we except that the bunch in Chingford has a right to their opinion, then EVERY other group, be it far left, far right, christian, muslim ,Hindu etc.. has a right to an opinion

That includes any alleged or perceived members of the BNP who may be in service,

If ACPO (plc).. and their political masters want to bring hell fire on opinion then it has to be across the spectrum of opinion and society.

Anything else will only be taken as political tokenism and recognised as such.

For a balanced society it is not healthy.

I have just realised this is my 100th post. I wish it was more positive.


Anonymous PC Michael Pinkstone said...

Can't remember where I read it recently, but one of Labour's prime characteristics is to punish disobedience - from the minor to the major. Their overbearing desperation to control every aspect of our lives - social, economical, political (even our very thoughts and opinions) has affected every institution and organisation. ACPO - those mere stooges of the Administration - well, are merely that: stooges.

Bemused is certainly the right word, as it is difficult to understand exactly what Bettley has been punished for.

It's all FUBAR

12:19 AM  
Blogger Blue Eyes said...

Congrats on 100 posts! Only started reading recently but it's always interesting.

8:29 AM  
Blogger Officer Dibble said...

FUBAR says it all

Blues Eyes
Thanks for your kind words.

I look at the way we have become and just hope for some spark of robust common sense to take I get the kettle on whilst I wait

5:49 AM  

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