Monday, May 14, 2007

Green... its the new Blue (Recycled)

I have 'huffed and puffed' on this subject before but as an organisation have we just completely lost our way?

The Metropolitan Police Service now have an Environment Team.
A group of people employed to check on our excesses.. to educate.
I am sure they are decent,earnest,people but in essence what does their job really
do to assist our 'CORE ROLE' what,as an organisation,the public expect us to do.

Like any creation within our Modern day service, once it is given life it looks to create its own Empire.

As an example...For some considerable time there has been a yearly competition amongst police stations for the best presented garden/frontage.In the old days it tended to be fought out amongst the old timers at those particular 'Nicks' with a passion for gardening....healthy competition and uplifting.

Now the MPS Environment Team get involved and its about 'working in partnership' and to encourage 'sponsorship'.

They now have 'Open' Days talking about 'car share and cycling to work'
A concern with the 'carbon footprint' left by the MPS rather than the forensic footprints left by the 'customers' we chase.

The Met have toyed with the ideas of Recycling off and on for some years now.
It has previously taken the form of Scrap metal collections in the form of 'Gun and Knife Amnesties'.They serve no other purpose.

I suppose the Environment Team is the next Bureaucracy level up..

I would like a member of the Environment Team to sit in with a meeting with the CPS and evaluate their demands for a virtually 'full file (and all CCTV in viewable format)' for jobs that can only be a full hands up 'guilty' at the first appearance.

Have we so run out of ideas to deal with our Core Roles.. which are not difficult to grasp.. Keeping the Queens Peace.. Detection and Apprehension of offenders.. that we have to be seen to be 'busying' ourselves with the Governments latest thing.....!

To quote the philosopher and commentator on the Human condition M.E Atloaf this organisation... 'Nothing really rocks and nothing really rolls and nothing's ever worth the cost'


Blogger Whichendbites said...

There are loads of initiatives or various other stuff dreamed up to help us by making it more difficult to do our core roles. Stats and duplication seem to be the most frequent for trendy targets. Other things are aimed to show we have another face, as part of diversity or community 'stuff' which are aimed to create some kind of image only the fickle or eternally stupid are fooled by. Promoting the brand is the aim by all the wonderstuff that builds empires and enhances careers and invariable puts even more onto the already overladen frontline officers.

12:08 PM  
Blogger Officer Dibble said...


I wonder if we are heading to a tipping point where the organisation becomes purely a Test Lab for 'Blue skies thinking' and we finally give up the pretence and contract out the rest of the 'Policey' bits to Group 4.

Thanks for the link by the way.

10:54 AM  

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