Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Survey? thats a click/delete any day

Results of a survey of MET police officers and staff in 2015 have not been forgiving to Sir BHH and SLT.

The poll targeted 47,000 police and staff .

I think the most telling point being missed is that  the stats show only 28% responded.

Of 47,000 police and staff only 13,160 made the effort to complete the survey.

33,840 couldn't be bothered.

As a member of the 33,840 I would like to offer my opinion why.

Its frankly a waste of time. My views don't matter.

The staff surveys/'conversations'/focus groups are a sleight of hand that SLT  care what we think or will take any action  to mirror our responses.

PR can spin the results anyway they like, but when the vast majority of your shop floor click  'delete/decline' when these come out they should look at themselves and wonder why.  


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