Thursday, February 05, 2015

Ticket to uncertainty....that'll be £50

The public order ticket is not the hottest ticket in town

Senior management are trying to up the numbers of those willing to undertake what is called level 2 Public order training. It is currently a voluntary role for officers.

The demands on the Met for Public Order duties are onerous.

If you are going to demonstrate, march, wave banners and shout to the chant from a loudhailer you might as well do it in the capital for maximum coverage and effect.

In the current climate an increasing number of those marches and demos need covering by, at the least, Level 2 officers.  

The problems then arise that the duties hubs have to arrange cover and have to tap into a dwindling  pot of resources. In the financial constraints we are under they often have to look to cancel days + 15 so as to reduce the OT bill.

Those who are Level 2 trained find themselves not able to plan ahead as they cannot guarantee  their Rest days being cancelled when something comes up.

The national FED seem to be pushing as some form of  'success' a tax free £50 to be paid once a year if you have undertaken the training

£50... to be in the position of not knowing if you plans are going to be kicked into touch by a last minute aid commitment.

I initially thought that it was a typo. I thought maybe £500 would be more of a sweetener . But No...

There is a general economic idea known as 'incentivisation of the workforce'...that employers  put in place conditions that would make taking on extra or other work  outside of the general role more palatable.

HMG and SLT are in a 'take it or leave ' mode generally.

Anecdotally more are deciding to 'leave it' and in terms of public order are handing the ticket back or not putting up for it in the first place.

One of the saddest things to me in this is that National Fed seem to think the £50 is something to brag about. They always came across as 'toothless tigers' but now it seems they cant even 'gum' anybody in negotiations.

SLT are huffing/puffing about the possibility, if numbers don't improve, of making Public order training compulsory. But  as ever, I don't think they have thought it through. I can see major problems in the actual practicality of implementing this.

I cant see too many rising to the 'bait'

'Sorry love cant make the family trip next weekend I've been called in.....but that £50 in January made the difference....'



Anonymous Anonymous said...

They will make it compulsory,it's the only way they can fill the numbers.Old sweats like me will find a way out leaving new PC's too scared to rebel.All the serials will be manned by probationers and Specials.The crusties and the press will have a field day the next time it kicks off.

3:50 PM  
Blogger Officer Dibble said...

I agree. Compulsory is the default SLT are suggesting if they don't get the volunteers.

Where do you start with compulsory?

Even if they change the rules and make it a condition of joining and the subsequent training involved I still don't think they can make the numbers up. That leaves them dipping into those already in.

They cant train everybody to level 2. They haven't got the staff or facilities.
That leaves them with the option of selecting certain group's

The obvious question would be is 'why me not him'.

Tribunals all round and a nice little earner for the legal fraternity.

2:32 PM  

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