Saturday, May 24, 2014

And the word was ....go forth and multiply

Ms MAY has spoken...well  not so much spoken as put into words the vitriol in which this administration holds us. She has well and truly laid out her stall.

If you took that lectern away for analysis it would be etched with the acid dropped from her words

In some ways I admire the honesty. It lays out to all before her EXACTLY where HMG stand in relation to the FED.

A politician clearly with a view to her own progression.

As a FED paying member I want this to be a defining moment...

Not one where we again rollover.

The FED bottled on the vote to strike..... a Majority said yes ... the FED choked..

We now know EXACTLY where we are .....

They treat us with contempt.. we have to say no more 'negotiation'

GARDAI did it ....use EU....

For FED members across the  UK you cannot get  so publicly shafted as we did at the Conference and not go for it

Literally we have NOTHING to lose...we are NOTHING to them
The FED is and despite the conference vote,  a cosy club for the Reps.... Membership shovelling at the front end are getting very fractious .. No more attempts at Status Quo... go for EU... make waves ...we DO have the money to spend......get in the face of HMG... we have that right

Ignore the DB and fellow media travellers..... 

Don't let is down... Ms MAY has laid out in explicit detail where the FED stands

Bypass HMG ...  go for EU review.... we want it......

Otherwise Ms MAYS suggestion we can opt in/out will seem so much more appealing



Anonymous Anonymous said...

When is the federation going to realise that the "Bob Crowe/RMT " approach to dealing with the current Govt. Strength and force is the only language they understand! Prison officers are looking to get the right to strike as they have the power of a constable like us! The Gardai have shown the way to go! Let's see what the Fed does mind you like any organisation we are only as strong as our weakest member who wants to impress the SLT/SMT or what ever name they go by!

5:22 AM  
Blogger Officer Dibble said...

The line has been drawn by her speech

I don't want hear any more talk from senior FED of constructive dialogue, meaningful engagement, rebuilding healthy and productive channels of communication...

We just need to go for it...and set our stall out asap.

7:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trouble is most of the membership has not got the guts to even follow the do it right campaign most still parade before start time! Plus federation management won't go to Europe!

11:00 AM  

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